Vassilis Christopoulos
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Wozzeck now available online

The hugely successful first production of Wozzeck in the history of the Greek National Opera conducted by Vassilis Christopoulos and directed by Olivier Py is now available online on Medici TV.


Superbly subtle and nuanced playing

Another raving review of Vassilis Christopoulos' Wozzeck at the Greek National Opera, this time in Opera Now on 02.03.2020.

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The chief driving force...

...behind Wozzeck's success at the Greek National Opera was Vassilis Christopoulos, "who combined glittering detail, rich post-romanticism and translucent textures to hypnotic effect, while always making the music’s savage power rumble below the surface", according to James Imam at the Financial Times on 20.01.2020.

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